General Guidelines:

Claw & Blossom is an online seasonal journal of short prose and poems that touch upon the natural world.

We are fond of careful attention to craft, and we thrill to tight language and concrete imagery. We hope to see explorations that not only reach deeply inward but that also relate personal struggles to a larger picture of humanity and beyond. We like movement, we like layers. We seek reflective complexity.

The natural world MUST also be present in your work. Though it need not be the main focus of your piece, it should have a distinct and relevant narrative presence, such as through strong use of a natural-world metaphor or as an element of context.

We have themed issues, but we enjoy receiving unexpected interpretations of those themes.

For more detailed information, see our interview at the Six Questions blog.

Before sending your work, please familiarize yourself with our website and with past issues (free to read online).

Submissions are initially read BLIND.
 Please do not include any personal information in either the title or the body of your uploaded file.

For POETRY, send one poem.
 We are partial to free verse and are not big fans of traditional forms. We are not seeking rhymed couplets.

For PROSE, send 1,000 words or less.
 This can be one piece or linked micros. We are unlikely to accept action/gore/thriller/slasher genres, and unlikely to accept themes of romance/erotica.

REMINDER: Your work MUST contain elements of the natural world (see our general guidelines, above).


  • We do not consider multiple submissions. Please wait for a response before submitting another piece.
  • We encourage simultaneous submissions. Should your work be accepted elsewhere while under consideration with Claw & Blossom, please withdraw the piece immediately by using the Withdraw option in Submittable.
  • We do not consider unsolicited submissions of previously-published work. Please send only unpublished work.
  • By submitting to Claw & Blossom, you affirm the work you are sending us is of your own making and has not been plagiarized in whole or in part.

 We pay $25 USD per acceptance upon publication via PayPal only. (Linked micros are considered one acceptance.)

We recently added a donation field to our submission form. Please note that donations are optional. Claw & Blossom seeks work from all writers and poets, regardless of current financial situation, natural habitat, or ability to be heard from up to eight miles away. We are thankful to consider a vast array of artistic interpretations of the many meaningful and bewildering facets of existence. In short: Your ability to donate or not donate is your own dam business, and that choice will have no effect on whether your work is accepted or declined. That said, any assistance you can provide towards defraying our annual operating costs is, of course, very much appreciated!